Environment Social Governance


WIN Hotels Amsterdam is committed to providing our guests, employees, and partners with the most positive experience possible in our hotels and supporting offices. Our ESG policy focuses on the impact of WIN Hotels Amsterdam on people, the environment, and society.

Our mission

Our ESG/CSR policy aims to make the impact of our enterprise on energy consumption, waste creation, raw material usage, and procurement of goods as sustainable as possible and reduce it where necessary. We collaborate with our partners to ensure responsible procurement of our goods and opt for sustainable products with certification wherever possible. We strive to completely eliminate single-use plastics from our hotels and supporting offices. We ask our external partners such as laundries, cleaning companies, and suppliers to work with us to reduce our environmental impact.

How we do it

All our hotels and supporting offices have a task force to implement, monitor, and achieve our ESG/CSR objectives. These teams comprise employees from all levels of the organization to create as broad a support base as possible within our organization.

The physical and mental well-being of our employees is essential, as is their personal development. Each year, we organize various activities (such as appreciation week) focusing on the personal well-being of our employees. We aim to ensure all our employees take a minimum of seven consecutive days of vacation annually and organize several joint relaxation and team-building activities each year.

All our employees have access to training and personal development programs from organizations such as Hilton, Accor, and Ascott, supplemented with specific training based on their needs.

Green Key

It is our goal for all our hotels to achieve the Green Key certificate, the internationally renowned sustainability mark for hotels. More information about the Green Key certificate and its requirements can be found at

Amsterdam, December 27, 2023